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$79.99 $99.99
5GHz / 2.4GHz WiFi
4K Front + 1080P Rear Camera
Work Indicator Light/NO Screen
With 64GB SD Card
Loop Recording + Emergency Lock
Parking Protection (With Hardwire Kit)
Voice Control
Super Capacitor
Smartphone APP

Premium Choose

$119.99 $139.99
5GHz / 2.4GHz WiFi
4K Front + 1080P Rear Camera
3.39'' IPS Screen
Button Operation
With 64GB SD Card
Loop Recording + Emergency Lock
Parking Protection (With Hardwire Kit)
Voice Control
Super Capacitor
Smartphone APP

 Advanced Choose

$89.99 $109.99
5GHz / 2.4GHz WiFi
 4K Front + 1080P Rear Camera
Digital Display
With 64GB SD Card
Loop Recording + Emergency Lock
Parking Protection (With Hardwire Kit)
Voice Control
Super Capacitor
Smartphone APP

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The basic logic of how dash cams work involves continuous recording, emergency locking, and parking monitoring. Dash cams have become widely popular in the market due to these functionalities, allowing them to continuously record videos while also locking and preserving critical evidence when emergencies occur. This capability provides valuable support for determining fault in accidents and facilitating insurance claims.

Loop Recording, Recording all the time

Emergency Lock

Parking Protection

Why Choose FOCUWAY?







4x faster than others


Download videos quickly without waiting too long

Real-time video transmission is smooth and without delay


Built-in GPS


Easily track GPS data (Speed and location) on Google Maps using the free App or GPS Player (provided free of charge) on your PC/Mac.
The mobile App supports real-time GPS map tracking and is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

Driving Speed


accident location


Driving route

A closed and high-temperature vehicle environment may cause lithium-ion batteries to spontaneously ignite

Super capacitor

Applied to ALL FOCUWAY Dash Cams

Direct exposure to sunlight in summer can raise the temperature of the dash cam to as high as 190°F. Super capacitors, replacing lithium batteries, can completely eliminate the risk of battery combustion.

Prevent combustion


Withstand extreme temperatures


Environmentally friendly

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Looking for compact?

Compact design, does not block driving vision

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Looking for good looking?

Unique design to show your taste

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Looking for Powerful?

4K Front and rear | GPS | 5GHz WiFi | 3.39'' Screen

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100000+ customer choose FOCUWAY dash cam

The Dash Cam Front Rear 4K is an outstanding purchase. Its 4K resolution and dual-camera setup provide clear and comprehensive coverage. With thoughtful features like voice control, 5GHz WiFi, and a free 64GB SD card, it excels in both convenience and functionality. The user-friendly design includes a 3.39’’ IPS screen, super night vision, and a 24-hour parking monitor. The use of a supercapacitor ensures reliable performance, and modern touches like Type C connectivity and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology enhance its overall appeal. In summary, this dash cam offers a winning combination of advanced technology, thoughtful extras, and reliable functionality, making it a smart investment for those seeking top-notch performance on the road.


Cutting-Edge Dash Cam: Superior Performance and Smart Features for Enhanced Road Safety

I have been testing the dash cam for a week and can say it is great. Video is clear and sharp especially in bright sun. Sound is clear too. Quality of video when driving at night is good too for a dash cam; I was actually pretty impressed with it. License plates can be read at quite a long distance. Both front and read cameras have a good wide-angle view. 64 GB SD card is a big plus. Installation was an easy task for me. Good product design and quality. I also really hope it can handle the hot California summer! This is the best camera compared to other 4 that I have. Very satisfied.


Great dash cam!

It is easy to install, I just removed the tape on the back and stuck it on the windshield. The instructions for set up are clear and easy to understand but I also download an app for further assistance and for remote use. It’s not big or bulky and can easily fit on top of the mirror or somewhere close by, I just plugged it in to the cigarette lighter and it keeps operating. It has good quality of video and comes with a memory card that can record long hours or take multiple pictures on voice commands so there’s no need to purchase a memory card. I purchased this for my semi truck and it has a good wide view in front of the cab. I found that I can adjust the camera angle to my liking at any time even after i placed it on the windshield. I park in a commercial semi truck yard with high crime in the area and I can see everything that comes near my truck so this works well for me.

Dale K

Dashcam security

this dash cam is amazing! it shoots in VERY good quality and it’s really easy to download recorded events. it’s recording at all times and tells you when it starting up so you know it turned on. The app is really easy to use and there are some settings you can customize like how long each recording is. You can turn audio on or off if you want also. I’ve had a few different dash cams that are bad quality and doesn’t shoot wide angle but this one does!! It gets the entire front end and back end of my car with no issues! it’s also pretty small which i like.


best dash cam ever!!

Regarding returns, refunds, warranty and technical support?

We offer a 30-day refund guarantee. Please review our return and refund policy.
FOCUWAY offers a one-year warranty period, during which you can contact our customer service email for replacement support: We also provide lifelong technical support for our products.

FOCUWAY dash cams whether all have WiFi function? Do I need to be connected to my phone all the time to use it?

Yes, all FOCUWAY dash cams come standard with 5GHz WiFi, which is also compatible with 2.4GHz devices. Since the dash cam does not have internet connectivity, you do not need to keep your phone connected to the dash cam all the time. We recommend connecting to WiFi only when you need to playback, download videos, or adjust the dash cam settings. The main unit of the dash cam will display indicator lights to show that it is recording normally.
How long can the included 64GB memory card record video?
The 64GB memory card can store approximately 6 hours of video (recorded front and rear at the same time).
But dash cam uses "Loop recording". Dash cam stores one clip every minute. When the memory card is full, the latest video clip will overwrite the oldest video clip. In theory, it can record forever no matter how big the memory card is. 
However dash cam also has an important function "emergency lock". Dash cam has a built-in gravity sensor. When a collision is detected, it will automatically lock the currently recorded video. The locked file will not participate in loop recording (can not be overwritten). If you do not unlock or format memory card, it will always be stored in the memory card. Of course you can lock the file manually (via the voice command "lock the video" or button click). 
Due to the limitations of the working principle of the gravity sensor, the gravity sensor may also be triggered if you encounter bumpy roads or rapid acceleration and deceleration. When more and more locked files fill up the memory card storage space, you need to manually unlock the files or format the memory card to free up storage space for loop recording. dash cam will prompt you to "please format the SD card" when it needs to be formatted. 
The frequency of formatting the memory card depends on the sensitivity of the gravity sensor you set and the driving conditions. It may be every few weeks or every few months.

How long will it take for delivery after purchase?

The dash cam will be delivered within 3-5 business days, while other accessories may take 5-10 business days for delivery. Please be patient while waiting.
Can I keep my dash cam recording even when the car is turned off?
Of course, please purchase our dash cam bundle that includes the hardwire kit.With the hardwire kit installed, the dash cam will draw power directly from the fuse box. You can then enable the dash cam's parking mode recording feature, allowing it to continue recording even when the car is turned off. The hardwire kit will continuously monitor your car's battery voltage, and if it drops below 12.0V, it will cut off power to the dash cam to ensure you have enough voltage to start the car.

Is the installation simple? Can I do it myself?

Absolutely, it's possible. We provide comprehensive installation guide videos (see guide), simply follow the steps in the video, and anyone can easily install it perfectly.
Does it fit my car or phone?
FOCUWAY dash cam is suitable for all sedans and SUVs, most pickups, and small trucks. If the cable length is not sufficient, we provide extension options. Feel free to contact us (Email: for free assistance. The FOCUWAY dash cam app is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.
Need more help?
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