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A company specialized in manufacturing dashcams.

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Over 6 Years Of Experience

FOCUWAY boasts six years of extensive production and manufacturing experience, accumulating a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise. We are well-versed in every aspect of dash cam production, meticulously researching and practicing from material selection to production processes, ensuring outstanding performance and reliability in our products.

1. Dash cam Usability:

We have integrated WiFi and GPS functionalities into our dash cams, and we are currently in the process of manufacturing new products with 4G capabilities. We continuously optimize and enhance these features, all with the aim of meeting your every requirement for a dash cam: accurately recording driving data, swiftly and conveniently locating crucial segments, providing constant protection for your beloved vehicle, and offering real-time alerts for theft and scratches.

2. Customer Service:

In order to provide the highest quality service, we have established an efficient and professional customer service team. Whether you encounter any issues or need assistance, we will respond promptly and provide satisfactory solutions. Your satisfaction is our utmost pursuit.

3. Quality Control System:

We have established a rigorous quality control system to ensure that every FOCUWAY dash cam meets the highest standards. From the screening of raw materials to the inspection of finished products, we employ stringent quality management procedures to guarantee product stability and durability.


wellcome to FOCUWAY

In 2017, we were in search of a dash cam that would suit our fleet.However, none of the dash cams on the market met our requirements. This led us to the idea of creating a dash cam that would cater to our specific needs. Soon after, we established our studio and founded the FOCUWAY brand.

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