FOCUWAY D2 Duo Dash Cam

The latest firmware version: 20240123*

Release date: February 4, 2024

Main update content: added functions, ficed bugs

Upgrade comments: Recommended to upfrade

Upgrade Details


How to Install

New Features Update:

  • Screensaver Mode: Allows you to set the screen to completely dark while driving at night
  • WiFi Speed Change: Allows you to set the wifi frequency between 2.4GHz & 5GHz

Potential Bug Fix:

  • When exclusively using the front camera without connecting the rear camera but setting the Dual Cam Display function to 'Rear,' the system attempts to switch to a rear camera view unsuccessfully, potentially causing screen flickering.
  • Even if you haven't activated this feature, pressing the LEFT button, which functions as the camera view switch, may also result in this issue.

How to avoid this issue without a firmware update?

  • Please connect the rear camera to use.
  • Please set the Dual Cam Display to 'Front' if you only use the front camera, and don't press the LEFT button to switch camera view.
  • With the correct setting, you won’t meet this issue.
  • If you don't have a computer to upgrade your D2 Duo, please send email to our support team at support@focuway.com, we can send you a new SD card with the latest firmware installed.
Download the Firmware Update files to your computer:
  • Things you should do before install start

    1. Backup the important video on your dash cam SD card first.
    2.  Format SD Card on dash cam
    3.  The frmware file could not be recognized by computer, it could just berecognized by the dash cam, so don't try to open it on PC or try torename it, just copy it to the card. Ensure the file name is FW96670A.bin
  • Connect the dash cam’s SD card to your computer

  • Way1: Use the Type c USB cable (provided in the package) to connect D2 duo to the computer

  • Way2: Remove the SD card from dash cam, then use card reader

  • Format the SD card to exFAT on your computer

  • Copy the firmware file from your PC (computer) to the dash cam SD card

  • Starting upgrade your D2 duo dash cam

1. Insert the SD card into the dash cam Plug the camera to a power charger (not computer,the voltage provided by the computer does not enough to upgrade the firmware), or usethe car charger to power on your D2 Duo on the car. Then the camera will auto upgrade, and it will take about 20-30 secs, during this time,the camera will not turn on and will not respond to any button or operation;
2. Once the dash cam upgraded succesfully, it will turn on, and the camera might promptCar error’‘PLEASE INSERT SD CARD', please don't worry, just format the SD card on thecamera, it will work properly.
3. Please have a check the version of your device now (go to the System Setup menu andturn to the Version) and the new firmware version is 20240123*, the suffix * is necessary.If it is, then the camera has been upgraded successfully.
4. After the update is finished, please connect your D2 Duo back to the car. You can try thenew features now!

Thank you! Any question, please contact us via email:

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