Why You Need a Dash Cam and How to Choose One?---Lite version

by BENXIANLI on March 28, 2024

When it comes to using a dash cam, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Driving Evidence: Dash cams were initially designed to fulfill the need for preserving driving evidence. With an increasing number of reckless drivers on the road, dash cams serve as invaluable tools for drivers. They provide clear accident monitoring videos that aid in assigning fault, preventing extortion attempts, expediting insurance claims, and even assisting others involved in accidents. When selecting a dash cam for ensuring reliable driving evidence, here are some key considerations:

    • Providing multiple-angle video evidence: Dash cams equipped with both front and rear-facing cameras offer comprehensive accident records, essential for various scenarios.
    • Recording clear videos: Opt for 4K resolution for optimal clarity, ensuring important details such as license plates are captured accurately.
  2. Parking Security: Dash cams typically operate using power from the car's cigarette lighter port, which cuts off when the engine is turned off. Consequently, dash cams shut down when the car is parked, necessitating an external power source to maintain recording. FOCUWAY offers a hardwire kit specifically designed for dash cams, enabling timed recording even when the car is parked. This feature provides evidence in the event of accidents, vandalism, or theft while parked

  3. Recording: Essentially, a dash cam acts as a camera mounted on your vehicle, documenting your entire journey. Whether you're on a road trip or simply commuting, dash cams capture the scenery along the way and interesting moments encountered during your drive, allowing you to share them with friends and family.

  4. Other Considerations:

    • WiFi functionality: While not for internet access, WiFi-enabled dash cams allow convenient connectivity with your smartphone for playback, downloading, and sharing of recorded videos.
    • Clear installation tutorials: Look for dash cam vendors that provide clear video installation tutorials, making it easier for users, especially beginners, to install their dash cams.
    • 4G internet connectivity: Some dash cams offer 4G connectivity, enabling remote monitoring of your vehicle and instant alerts in case of incidents like collisions, theft, or vandalism.
    • Use of supercapacitors instead of lithium polymer batteries: Supercapacitors are safer in dash cams, especially under extreme temperatures, reducing the risk of battery explosions.
    • Compact design: Opt for dash cams with compact designs to avoid obstructing the driver's view while driving. FOCUWAY dash cams feature sleek designs that enhance both interior and exterior aesthetics.