Why you need a FOCUWAY hardwire kit? is it worth it?

by BENXIANLI on December 24, 2023

In simple terms, using the focuway Dash Cam Hardwire Kit to connect your Dash Cam allows it to continue recording videos after you've parked, achieving true 24-hour monitoring.

Now, how does the Hardwire Kit work?

Before delving into this, let's recall why you purchased a Dash Cam. Was it for the following two reasons?

  • To record videos while driving for evidence in case of accidents.
  • To continuously record videos while parked, capturing any actions of thieves, pedestrians, or other vehicles causing harm to your beloved car.

The first point can be addressed by any Dash Cam. As for the second point, the common solution for most Dash Cams is to keep the gravity sensor active while parked. When the sensor detects a disturbance signal (usually a collision), the Dash Cam automatically powers on. After recording for 30 seconds or 1 minute, it shuts down automatically, and the gravity sensor continues waiting for the next disturbance signal. Most Dash Cams lock this 30-second or 1-minute video as evidence. However, the gravity sensor relies on the car body shaking, making it difficult to trigger for intentional scratches or minor collisions. Moreover, recording starts only after the collision, missing the few seconds before the impact, which might prevent identifying the culprit.

So, why doesn't the Dash Cam continuously record after parking?

It's a well-known fact that Dash Cams cannot rely on built-in batteries/capacitors to record videos. They must draw power from the car charger via the cigarette lighter. The problem arises because the cigarette lighter loses power after the car is parked and turned off, causing your Dash Cam to shut down automatically.

How can you make the Dash Cam continue working after parking?

It's quite simple. You just need to directly connect the car battery to the Dash Cam. As a seasoned automotive enthusiast, you're well aware that all electrical devices in a car are connected through fuses. Find a fuse that continues to supply power even after parking and ignition off, then draw a circuit from this fuse to power the Dash Cam. This is the basic logic of how the Dash Cam Hardwire Kit operates.

The Hardwire Kit is an extremely useful accessory for Dash Cams, primarily addressing your two core needs:

Requirement one: Concealed wiring without occupying your cigarette lighter. Despite the initial design of the cigarette lighter socket for igniting cigarettes, it is increasingly being taken over by various electronic products, such as car phone chargers, car air fresheners, and in-car navigation systems. Most Dash Cams come with car chargers that occupy your cigarette lighter. If this has been a concern for you, congratulations, the Hardwire Kit can solve this problem. Moreover, by using the Hardwire Kit for wiring, you can conceal all Dash Cam power lines, avoiding the messy appearance of exposed cables inside your car.

Requirement two: Providing parking monitoring support for your Dash Cam. This is the primary reason most people purchase a Hardwire Kit.

Now, imagine connecting your Dash Cam directly to the car battery for power. The Dash Cam would continuously record after parking, but then you'd encounter two problems:

Problem one: Continuous operation of the Dash Cam may deplete the car battery, preventing your car from starting. This is especially concerning if your car battery is several years old.

Problem two: Evidence of minor scratches may be overwritten. The Dash Cam's included memory card is typically 64GB or smaller, capable of storing only the last 3-6 hours of video (depending on resolution and the number of cameras). However, your parking duration often exceeds 6 hours. Although the gravity sensor can recognize significant collisions and lock the video, minor scratches may go undetected, leading to the overwriting of valuable footage.

The Focuway Hardwire Kit can perfectly address both of these issues. FOCUWAY utilizes a high-sensitivity voltage detection module. When the battery voltage drops to 11.8V, it disconnects the power supply to the Dash Cam, ensuring there's enough voltage left for ignition.

As for problem two, Focuway's Dash Cam features Time-lapse photography functionality. What's Time-lapse photography? Typically, Dash Cams record videos at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. In Time-lapse photography mode, the Dash Cam captures one frame per second, compressing the video file 24-30 times. This allows the SD card to store videos from several days of parking.

Now, with Time-lapse photography activated, how does the Dash Cam determine whether you are driving or parked?

We know that some devices in a car can only be activated after the car is started, such as the radio and cigarette lighter. We usually call the fuses connected to these devices ACC fuses. So, ACC fuses lose power when the car is parked and gain power when the car is started, making them useful for the Dash Cam to determine whether the car is in a parked state. Some devices can be activated even when the car is not started, such as the electronic door lock and reading lights. We commonly refer to the fuses connected to these devices as constant fuses, as they always have power.

FOCUWAY Dash Cam Hardwire Kit consists of three wires:

Yellow wire connects to the constant fuse, providing power to the Dash Cam.

Red wire connects to the ACC fuse. When the car is turned off, the ACC signal is cut off and transmitted to the Dash Cam. Based on this signal, the Dash Cam determines that the car has entered parking mode and activates the parking protection feature.

Black wire is the ground connection.

After this installation, the Focuway Dash Cam will receive a signal from the Hardwire Kit when you turn off the ignition. Two seconds later, it will automatically activate Time-lapse photography mode, continuously protecting your car.

So, if you want your Dash Cam to continue recording videos after your car is turned off, the Dash Cam Hardwire Kit is an essential choice.

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